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De nieuwste toevoeging op spierballengebied is de door Chryslers Street and Racing Technology onder handen genomen Dodge Caliber. De SRT4 heeft liefst 295 pk op de voorwielen. Je moet maar durven!
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Torque capacity is 500ftlbs and includes the anti-chatter technology that again was proven in the Caliber SRT4 market. With the awesome torque capacity of 500ftlbs and the silky smooth engagement, I expect this to be our second most popular clutch setup!
Ladies and gents, I present you with the RTS3 Caliber SRT4 turbo upgrade. This product is the evolution of our infamous RTS2B turbo that has rocked the Caliber scene since the release of the Caliber. - Similar to the the S2 wheel design [which is nearly 6 years old] with much improved aero. - On paper it should be capable of 25-30whp more MAXED out over the RTS2b without any loss of spool due to the increased efficiency.
Sep 06, 2014 · The car should be able to make 350-360 with 4th gear dyno pull and 26 psi spike with the stock turbo. In the process of tuning I have found a few more bugs that I will be sending to Bill and hopefully it can be corrected to finish the tune this week. I will be doing a tune on a big turbo car this week as well.
This is a 2004 Dodge Neon SRT4 2.4L turbo The oil light starts blinking approx. 5-10 minutes after start up (as seen here). When the car gets up to running temp the light stays on in all gears at eve Could be your oil pressure switch,it's by the oil filter,screwed into block,just unplug electrical connector,unscrew part from block and replace ... The Caliber SRT4 is one of the newest entrants in this class and is the latest product from Dodge’s Street and Racing Technology group. ... The turbo engine revs smoothly and makes enough power ... Quote from dave4002000: Yea, the new caliber srt-4 will have 300whp, but seeing as it's heavier than the neon srt-4, it will run the 1/4 in about the same time. The reason why the base model caliber is AWD and the srt-4 version isn't, is because the AWD system that dodge designed for it will not handle the 300hp.
Ok i'll admit it, I went joy riding at the local dealership the other day. I couldn't help it as they had a 98 5.9 liter grand cherokee and an 05 srt 4, both are cars i have never driven. The SRT 4 was running like 15 lbs of boost! I had driven a caliber srt4 not too long ago and if i remember correctly, those things only put out like 7-10 lbs.The whoosh V3 oil feed line kit replaces the factory hard line between the engine block and the turbo. Each kit includes a -4 AN braided steel high temperature oil hose and all block and turbo fittings needed for a complete installation on any 2008-2009 Caliber SRT4 with stock and Realtune Performance upgraded stock frame turbos
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